21 November 2012 (Wednesday) - 17:44

Nikolay Danev

Born 24.08.1976 in Ruse, Bulgaria. His first drummer’s set came as present from his father being 3 years old. At the age of five he started piano lessons. Music talents were broadened by participation in Ruse’s Children Folk Dance Ensemble, although drums have always been his leading passion. 
As a teenager Nikolay played and recorded several albums with bands in his native Ruse. He was an integral ingredient in the Ahead Project. After Ahead ceased to exist former members Nikolay, Antony Rikev (Wah Tony) and Radoslav Slavchev formed the High Time jazz trio. 
Mr. Brown Sugar is also Nikolay’s DJ pseudonym, providing DJ entertainment since 1997. Nevertheless and above all Nikolay Danev is a drummer whose rhythms have supported bands like D.A.N.G., Brazz Vili Dj, Tri O Five and performers such as Beloslava, Spens and many more.