28 May 2012 (Monday) - 15:50

Radoslav Slavchev - Riverman

Born 1982, Ruse Bulgaria. Radoslav discovered his talents at the age of 10, starting his guitar education. Before graduating from the Ruse Music School he switched to bass guitar. His first band experience came with the Ahead project which he founded with class-mate Antony Rikev aka WahTony. With Ahead Radoslav travelled to Norway, France, Greece. 

Soon Ahead moved to Sofia, which meant an intense clubbing life, a studio album (2003) and four videos to it. In the meantime Radoslav obtained a MA degree in bass guitar from the Music Academy.

For several years he taught bass guitar at the Music Arts Center (2009–2011). He joined various projects, amonghs which was alternative jazz formation High Time. He also founded the Poppers band along with brother Aleksander Slavchev. Through the years Radoslav has worked with notable artists such as Vasil Naydenov, Stoyan Royanov – Ya-Ya, Cecilia Long, Spens, the Mangasaryan Brothers, Ivo Papazov – Ibriama, Funkalero, Safo. At present he is preparing his debut solo album.