05 December 2013 (Thursday) - 13:09



JazzProfilactikais a project established 5 years ago by three DJs – Emotion, Ivo But Not and JiJo with the aim of popularising the modern jazz and new-jazz club sound. Soon the three began to collaborate with stage performers that played on JazzProfilactika’s original beats. The project offers a mixture of electronic music and acoustic sounds. Amongst the band’s best collaborators are gutarist Krasi Borisov, percussionist Vito Giacovelli, trumpeter Miroslav Petkov, saxophonist and clarinetist Stoyan Ya-Ya Royanov and many more. The current band includes Roel Hollander (saxophone), Neyko Bodurov (trumpet), Tzvetan Momchilov (keyboards) and DJ JiJo (sampling and scratching). In 2013 JazzProfilactika became part of Music Clinic Records. At present the quartet is wholely committed to composing its own music.