30 June 2014 (Monday) - 12:52

“Jazz Dixi Fest 2012” Veliko Turnovo

10 July - High Time 11 July / - Southwick 12 July - Tri O Five & Preyah

The organizers of “Jazz Dixi Fest 2012” Veliko Turnovo promise three memorable festival nights with lots of original jazz, funk, fusion and great stage performances. For a fifth time in a row the historic town of Veliko Turnovo will turn into a welcoming place for some of the most interesting and new trends in jazz music. Magic jazz rhythm made people dance on the streets of New Orleans, then all over the world and now it will gather music fans in Veliko Turnovo between July 12th and 14th. The festival will take place on a beautiful stage under the historic monument of Assen Brothers in Veliko Turnovo and in club “Melon”. The Jazz Festival starts on July 12th at 7pm. The hosts are Royal Dixie Band and they will perform on the opening together with guest musicians Sebastian Spanache Trio from Romania and musicians from the Bulgarian “Bandera Rossa”, where jazz fans will recognize some of the musicians from “Smut i mizeria v Iztochna Rumelia”(a band which played at the festival last year).
On the next night “Retro Blu” will come on stage and will play sweet tune mixture of Dixieland, French chanson and gypsy jazz. The same night Rumen Halachev (graduate from Berkeley College) and his band will give a concert followed by Stoyan Royanov’s (Я-я) project “La Migra”.
On the last night Dimitar Dimitrov Trio will perform quality jazz music and afterwards “Point of View” (previously known as “Shaka Zoo”) will come on stage.
All three festival evening concerts will continue in club “Melon” with jam sessions, which will start at midnight. The concerts are free of charge and the event is organized by “Dixie Jazz Fest” Foundation in cooperation with municipality of Veliko Turnovo, cultural house “Nadezhda” and sponsors.