22 April 2015 (Wednesday) - 02:05




"Funkallero" was founded in 2011 by pianist and its leader Vasil Spasov. He graduated from Berklee College of Music, and is currently performer, composer and arranger in a number of projects. He is a professor at the National Music Academy in Sofia. All members of the group are in demand studio musicians with a rich musical biography. The group has participated in many clubs and festivals throughout Bulgaria and appeared in broadcasts on television and radio in the country. The band is in the process of issuing its first album with original compositions written by its founder Vasil Spasov. The members of "Funkallero" are Dimitar Lyolev - alto saxophone, Miroslav Ivanov - guitar, Vasil Spassov - lieder, composer and keys, Radoslav Slavchev - bass, Georgi Markov - drums. The band's name is taken from the eponymous composition of Bill Evans and is a tribute to the work of the great musician.


Dimitar Lyolev - alto saxophone

Miroslav Ivanov - guitar

Vasil Spassov - lieder, composer, keys

Radoslav Slavchev - bass

Georgi Markov – drums