15 November 2012 (Thursday) - 15:32


WahTony started playing the piano at the age of 4. He graduated the High School of Performing Arts in Ruse in 2000 (classical guitar class). From 2000 to 2004 he studied at the Sofia Conservatory and received his BA in pop and jazz guitar. He obtained an MA degree at the Conservatory in 2005. WahTony began his band musician career in clubs in Ruse while in his early high-school years. He gained popularity with school mates, forming the Ahead Project.

Apart from being lead guitar player, he featured as a drummer and bassist for different formations. Along with his band performances, WahTony had a solo career and performed at festivals and music forums in France, Norway and Greece. When Ahead moved to Sofia after high-school, the band started to play actively in clubs, releasing their first album in 2003 with 4 videos supporting it. The colourful funky sound remained their trade mark on the Bulgarian stage for the next years. 

After 2003 WahTony partnered various artists and formations such as Beloslava, the ethno-band BULGARA, Toni, Spens, and more. During the whole time he constantly played on the jazz club stage with the High Time trio, including old partners from Ahead Nikolay Danev and Radoslav Slavchev. For the last 5 years WahTony shares his music tastes with the audience in his DJ sets. They gave birth to the remixes he produces for Western artists and labels. 

In 2007 WahTony became a member of the funky-house formation TRI O FIVE, releasing 4 singles and supporting videos as well as working on a double album (a big part of it is composed by WahTony). On numerous occasions TRI O FIVE played for a VIP audience, including Wim Wenders, Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Herzigova and guests of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters tennis tournament. 

WahTony’s path crossed once again with Nikolay Danev in the newly founded funky-jazz formation Da New Generation (D.A.N.G.), which concentrates on live performances. D.A.N.G. is an ambitious project by young instumentalists with the basic purpose of enjoying the everlasting funky sound on stage.