07 October 2012 (Sunday) - 17:09

Desislava Andonova – Desy

After graduating Sofia Music School (classical singing) Dessy enters her first band Scam where she works with Ronny from The Nasecomics. Soon after she participated in the Plastic Hi Fi project. In 2000 she started collecting LPs, revealing her new artistic self as DJ Dessy. The same year she joined Filip Alexandrov 'Fi' (a former colleague from Scam and Plastic Hi Fi), Ivo Stoyadinov from Baby Face Clan and DJ Ramsey Hercules aka Birata in creating the Phuture Shock project that released two albums: Playback (2002) that won the MMTV award for best album of the year, and In and Out (2010). The year 2010 brought new inspirations resulting in more femininity on the scene. Dessy, Andronia Popova and Vera Chandel formed the Sentimental Swingers – three charming ladies with a soft spot for urban life, pearls, lace and high heels that are working on a debut album. In 2011 Dessy along with Beloslava and Sound Solutions' Yasmin and Oggy released the track Early Morning. The same year she appeared in the I Wonder track remixed by Mr. Moon.