15 November 2012 (Thursday) - 16:33

Alexander Slav


Born 04.11.1988, Ruse Bulgaria. The second famous Slavchev-son in the family. Showed his talents at a very early age, starting with classical guitar education. His first music degree came from Vesselin Stoyanov Art School in Ruse, which was followed by awards at several prestigeous guitar competitions. 

Wider acknowledgements came with the Bulgarian Music Idol 3 in 2009. Studying at the Sofia Music Academy, lately he founded the Low Step smooth jazz formation, always hungry for new inspirations. Alexander is partnering a wide number of artists supporting the Music Clinic stage. He is a lead vocal, instrumentalist and lyrics writer with a soft touch for character vocals and sensual ballads. His backing vocals support established Bulgarian stars such as Beloslava, Tri O Five, Grafa...